Feeling dis-engaged from your work is like a car where the wheels are spinning – the car is not moving anywhere. You are turning up, but there’s no care factor, and don’t feel like you are making progress. You may feel stuck. This is no good for your employer –but also has a negative impact on your health, and your family.


If you are amongst the eighty percent (!) of Australian employees who feel dis-engaged from their work, check how you are treating your family and have your blood pressure checked.


According to Gallup Research:

‘Disengagement costs Australian organisations at least $33.5 Billion a year in lost productivity.  It also has other negative social effects outside the workplace, with disengaged employees taking out their negative feelings on their families and having more health problems’.

The study describes how forty-three percent of actively disengaged employees treated their family or friends ‘poorly’. And there are also health implications, with thirty-six percent of dis-engaged employees being diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Interestingly, forty-five percent of dis-engaged employees plan on spending at least the next year with their current employer.  The study does not go into reasons they they are choosing to stay – I hypothesize it is because they believe they couldn’t get a position elsewhere. 

How can you feel more engaged at work?

Strong Minds at Work has a formula that increases your engagement levels by 15% in 90 days.

The formula is:


Christina used to dread coming to work each morning. Then she changed the way she was thinking about work (Beliefs), she took ownership of her responses (Power) and decided her value lay in who she is a person, not what she does as a person. Now Christina says:

‘I feel happy that I am coping better so am feeling more positive.  I am lucky to have the opportunities I do and enjoy feeling that I am contributing to something bigger than me’.

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