Acceptance is the ability to face reality. By choosing to accept a situation or event, you can then choose how you respond. Choosing acceptance not giving up – it’s having the courage to face reality head on, trusting that you have the resources to deal with it.

ACCEPTANCE is acknowledging your current reality – just because you accept it does not mean you like it.

Choosing to accept a situation at work takes courage – it is NOT being a door mat.It is not letting people walk all over you.

What is Acceptance?

In a work situation it may be that you:

  • Accept a decision made by Management.
  • Comply with a procedure you don’t think is necessary.
  • Acknowledge a mistake (your own or a colleagues’).
  • Respect a perspective that is different to your own.

But what if I just can’t accept it…

You always have the power to choose what you make things mean. So choosing to NOT accept something is still your choice. (Make sure there is a really good reason, and it doesn’t keep you stuck or powerless). If it is useful to NOT accept something, then go for it.  But then do something about it. Choosing to NOT accept something can be powerful, and different from saying you ‘can’t accept it’. If you chose to not accept something – then own your decision as your decision. And use your other Powers (say, feel, do) to choose your next move.


Penny’s Story:

Penny didn’t get the promotion she had her heart set on. She admits she sulked about it, got bitter and twisted about it, and gave the person who did get the role she wanted a hard time.

Penny understood that she wasn’t doing herself or her organisation any good. After three months she decided to accept the situation so she could move on. ‘I still don’t like it or agree with it, but I’ve accepted it and I do feel better about coming to work. I  think  I’m happier and less grumpy’.

It is powerful to accept a situation, so then you can choose how you respond to a situation, rather than letting the situation have power over you.

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