The secret to not burning out (AKA stressing out, going into overwhelm etc) is empowerment. Research has shown that when you feel empowered at work, you are less likely to burn out.

Stress is a major problem in today’s work place. It is estimated that you will lose 3.2 days per year through workplace stress.

As well as feeling better at work – and not going home grumpy, when you are empowered at work you are likely to be more engaged and productive. You will get stuff done, and feel better for it!

How can you be more EMPOWERED at work?

Individuals who feel and describe themselves as Empowered have three main strategies they use:

Belief Intelligence: They quality check the usefulness of their beliefs about work.

Personal Powers: They choose how they respond, rather than react to circumstances at work.

Unconditional Self-Esteem: Their sense of value and worth is NOT based on their performance at work.

In fact, by developing and combining these three factors, you can increase how empowered you feel at work by 20% in 90 days.

By combining these three strategies you now have the antidote to burning out. It’s yours for the taking.

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