Let’s face it. Who hasn’t had a really bad day at work and gone home grumpy?

It’s important that you are showing up strong at work for your mental health and well-being. It’s also important for your family’s well-being. You going home stressed and grumpy (and maybe snapping at them because you are exhausted) is not good for your relationships.

According to Safe Work Australia:

“The personal impact of mental stress on workers is a serious and detrimental issue the worker and their families and also employers,”


Showing up Strong means you don’t have to go home grumpy after a hard day at work.  It requires you work on your…

Beliefs, Powers and Esteem.

With Belief Intelligence, Personal Powers and Unconditional Self-Esteem, you can better handle the different pressures of work. In fact, knowing these tools can increase how empowered you feel at work by 20% in 90 days.

It’s like competing in a triathlon. A triathlete needs to train for all three areas – Swimming, Running and Cycling. Even if they are world class swimmers, they will not be at their best if they don’t work on their running and cycling.  They know they need to work on all three so they can handle the different pressures of the race.

In the same way, you can develop the tools and strategies to can handle the pressures of today’s workplace. The tools are Belief Intelligence, Personal Powers and Unconditional Self-esteem.

About Sue

A highly sought after coach, mentor, trainer, author and speaker, Sue Anderson works with organisations and businesses to develop highly functional and productive workplaces, with confident, resilient and motivated employees.

As a Thought Leader in the areas of resilience building and workplace bullying, Sue utilises her cutting edge methodology to help individuals and teams move from a place of fear and dysfunction to a highly engaged, confident workforce. By integrating and refining areas including communication, motivation, beliefs and emotion, Sue’s programs empower employees, enabling ongoing positive human interaction in the workplace and beyond.

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